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CalAmp Agrees to Lease Private 900 MHz Radio Spectrum From Space Data

CalAmp to Incorporate Exclusive-Use, Licensed UHF Band in Machine Control and Communications Products for SmartGrid, Public Safety and Other Mission Critical Applications
OXNARD, CA, Mar 10, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- CalAmp Corp. (NASDAQ: CAMP), a leading provider of wireless products, services and solutions, has entered into an agreement with Space Data Radio, LLC to lease a 100 KHz portion of licensed 900 MHz radio frequency spectrum across the entire United States, subject to execution of a definitive agreement and FCC filings.

The agreement gives CalAmp access to nationwide private spectrum in the 901.9-902 MHz band for bundling with wireless communication systems designed for applications in utility, public safety, oil and gas, and other markets. This 100 KHz of spectrum is directly adjacent to the 902 to 928 MHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequency band and is well suited for applications such as SmartGrid. CalAmp plans to combine the spectrum with its licensed narrowband IP products such as Viper, as well as a hybrid version of its Sentry 4G-900 WiMAX-based broadband platform.

"CalAmp has pioneered wireless communications devices for applications in the utility, public safety, and other critical infrastructure environments. Private spectrum is a valuable resource and offering dedicated 900 MHz spectrum with CalAmp's industry-leading communications products addresses key customer needs," said CalAmp Chief Operating Officer Michael Burdiek. "The exclusive license from Space Data will allow CalAmp products to transmit at higher power, minimizing the line-of-sight and noise issues that unlicensed 900 MHz band radios contend with," he added.

"Space Data's nationwide, exclusive-use spectrum licenses help protect users against the noise and clutter usually associated with unlicensed communications. 900 MHz is an ideal frequency for digital applications due to its good propagation, good building penetration, small antennas, and lack of potential interference from skip. Our licensed spectrum's proximity to both the international GSM band and the U.S. unlicensed 900 MHz band enables radio manufacturers to take advantage of high-volume/low cost radio components and to leverage their existing investment in unlicensed 900 MHz radios into a licensed offering. We are delighted to work with leading wireless communications companies such as CalAmp to bring the advantages of licensed spectrum to their customers," said Space Data Chairman and CEO Gerald Knoblach.

About CalAmp CalAmp provides wireless communications solutions that enable anytime/anywhere access to critical data and content. The company serves customers in the public safety, industrial monitoring and controls, mobile resource management, public utilities and direct broadcast satellite markets. For more information, please visit

About Space Data Space Data Radio, LLC is a joint venture between Space Data Corporation and Scott C. MacIntyre, a FCC auction participant and radio systems operator. Space Data has developed altitude, balloon-borne wireless networks that enable the delivery of wireless services in geographies and locations not served, or poorly served, by existing wireless technologies and service providers. The company has operated wireless networks 24/7 for over five years accruing over 250,000 flight hours of operation above 60,000 feet to serve a variety of enterprise and military customers. Space Data is the licensee on over half of the 3 MHz allocated by the FCC to the Narrowband PCS band. By aggregating adjacent channels nationwide and pairing them at SMR duplex offsets, Space Data has expanded the applications able to use Narrowband PCS beyond its legacy paging base. For more information, please visit

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