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CalAmp Introduces Harrier-900(TM) Wireless Router With Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum Dual Capability

Programmable, Multimode Router Delivers Robust, High-Speed Wireless Data Communications in All Signal Environments

OXNARD, CA, May 10, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) --

CalAmp Corp. (NASDAQ: CAMP), a leading provider of wireless products, services and solutions, today announced the availability of the Harrier-900(TM) multimode wireless router, the first programmable digital communications device to combine both licensed and unlicensed 900-MHz-range radio spectrum capability. The Harrier-900 is ideally suited for mission-critical operations in electric utilities, oil and gas, water/waste water, transportation and public safety markets.


"CalAmp's Harrier-900 is an innovative communications platform that addresses the energy industry's critical need for reliable wireless data communications in all applications and environments. With this programmable dual-band wireless router, customers no longer have to sacrifice data speed for reliability or range, nor do they have to invest in separate communications infrastructures for differing applications. The Harrier-900 delivers the strength, speed and coverage advantages of both licensed and unlicensed radio technologies in a single device," said Rick Nozel, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CalAmp's wireless networks business.

One radio, two frequency bands, multiple capabilities

The Harrier-900 seamlessly operates in both the 901 MHz licensed NPCS (Narrowband PCS) band and the 902-928 MHz unlicensed ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band, providing users with high-speed and extended-range coverage. With this single, flexible wireless data solution for industrial-class applications, the Harrier-900 gives customers the ability to mix and match licensed and unlicensed bands on the same wireless infrastructure, programming devices on a per site basis as needed.

The Harrier-900 offers data throughput speeds up to 512 kbps when operating in the 902-928 MHz band for shorter-range, higher-speed data applications. For greater range, hard-to-reach sites or extreme-interference environments, Harrier-900 can operate in the 901 MHz privately licensed band, permitting higher-power transmission and interference protection for reliable communications today and in the future.

"Harrier's 901 MHz frequency capability, offered exclusively over NPCS licenses from Space Data, allows CalAmp customers to transmit at higher power, minimizing the line-of-sight and noise floor issues that unlicensed 900 MHz band radios often contend with, helping to assure that critical data is delivered," Nozel noted.

"Space Data's nationwide, exclusive-use spectrum licenses provide users the noise protection and higher power required for clear, robust communications, which unlicensed communications often lack," said Space Data Corporation Chairman and CEO Gerald Knoblach. "Our 1.8 MHz of the 3 MHz licensed in the NPCS spectrum band is situated adjacent to both the international GSM band and the U.S. unlicensed 900 MHz band, and is ideal for digital applications -- it offers good signal propagation and good building penetration with compact antennas. Unlike lower frequency licensed spectrum, 900 MHz lacks potential interference from skip. Its well-controlled propagation allows efficient spectrum reuse to meet network capacity demands. CalAmp's Harrier-900 takes advantage of all these powerful wireless communications features, providing the market with a flexible, single-platform product that functions across both the licensed and the adjacent unlicensed spectrum. It's the best of both worlds."

CalAmp is exhibiting in Booth #217 at the UTC Expo 2011 convention in Long Beach, California through May 13, 2011.

About CalAmp CalAmp develops and markets wireless communications solutions that deliver data, voice and video for critical networked communications and other applications. The Company's two business segments are Wireless DataCom, which serves utility, governmental and enterprise customers, and Satellite, which focuses on the North American Direct Broadcast Satellite market. For more information, please visit

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