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CalAmp Announces Comprehensive Energy Management and Control Solution for Electric Utility Industry

Robust and Reliable Load-Control and Analytics Solution Provides Unified Approach for Managing Demand Response Across Large-Scale Electrical Energy Deployments

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKETWIRE) -- 01/30/13 -- CalAmp Corp. (NASDAQ: CAMP), a leading provider of wireless products, services and solutions, today introduced CalAmp Energy Management and Control (EMC), a comprehensive, scalable, load-control analytical solution for monitoring and managing demand response for electric utilities' Smart Grid applications.

"With CalAmp EMC, utility operators can deploy and manage a broad portfolio of load reduction programs in a single networked solution," said Mike Zachan, General Manager of CalAmp's Wireless Networks business, while at the Distributech Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, CA. "Our solution can stand alone or be tightly integrated with existing load-control programs and devices to provide a cost-effective, reliable and powerful load-control and analysis solution for better demand forecasting and rapid event response."

In today's energy distribution environment, utilities looking to optimize loading and improve forecasting and demand response face a variety of equipment, integration and data issues. Challenges common to proprietary load control systems include:

  • Integrating often incompatible metering hardware
  • Managing proprietary data formats
  • Securely accessing and transmitting large amounts of data
  • Sorting, sifting and analyzing the volume of data to create meaningful, actionable information

CalAmp's approach harmonizes these disparate elements in a comprehensive EMC solution that provides a single point of access, analysis and management. Utilities can easily convert existing load control programs, into a single, more effective, responsive load-control and analytics environment that protects current investment and positions utilities for future growth. An innovative combination of sophisticated analytics software, gateway hardware, remote device management, and a unique home control application, CalAmp EMC includes:

  • Management Center: Command-and-control core for creating, testing, executing, and fine-tuning a variety of load-management programs, and simultaneously activating existing load-control switches and new two-way devices.
  • Analytics: Dashboard analytics solution that unifies all relevant information from a broad range of data sources, devices and applications across a utility's footprint to provide performance insight and advanced forecasting analysis; enables exploring and adjusting variables in near real-time to optimize energy distribution.
  • COLT (CalAmp On-Line Telemetric platform): Enterprise-class software platform designed specifically for telemetric and telematics applications that provides the framework and network architecture for integrating applications as well as connecting, coordinating and managing any number of communications devices.
  • Energy Gateways: Communications devices located at residences and businesses that support paging, cellular and broadband formats, interface with Zigbee-enabled devices, and control up to four circuits per unit.
  • Home Control: Secure, web-based, home energy management application that allows utility consumers to manage electricity, water and gas usage; participate in utility rates and demand side management programs; and automate control of energy in their homes.

"Leveraging the unified dashboard, operators can quickly understand demand profiles and effectively respond to very dynamic conditions," Zachan noted. "Furthermore, the CalAmp EMC solution is ideal for utilities looking to efficiently and affordably migrate large-scale legacy load control deployments to superior technology."

For more information about the CalAmp Energy Management and Control solution, visit CalAmp at Booth #1335 at the Distributech Conference & Exhibition, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego CA, through January 31, 2013.

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