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CalAmp's LoJack Italia and Program Autonoleggio Partner to Make Corporate Fleets Safer

Leading Italian fleet rental company, Program Autonoleggio, to install LoJack's telematics solutions on its vehicles to increase driver and vehicle safety while improving fleet management

MILAN and IRVINE, Calif., May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CalAmp  (Nasdaq: CAMP), a connected intelligence company that helps people and businesses work smarter, today announced its subsidiary, LoJack® Italia, has entered a new partnership with Program Autonoleggio, a leading long- and short-term corporate fleet rental company in Italy. With 13,000 cars and commercial vans across its rental fleet as part of the U.K. group Salford Van Hire, Program Autonoleggio will be able to equip its vehicles with LoJack Italia's telematics solutions to ensure improved driver safety and enable smarter fleet management.

Program Autonoleggio will be introducing the LoJack® Connect platform, a family of dedicated solutions designed to help fleet managers combat vehicle thefts, manage response to collisions and perform preventative maintenance. These solutions can protect both renters and the company from the economic losses due to instances of theft or collisions.

In the event of a collision, CalAmp's CrashBoxx™ solution uses sophisticated algorithms to filter out false positive incidents to provide fleet managers with real-time notification of a true crash, along with data on the event location, date and time. Comprehensive crash data, such as force of the crash, direction of impact, speed prior to impact and damaged vehicle parts, help with accident reconstruction. Automated incident reports, together with immediate assistance by LoJack's 24/7 Security Operations Center, can facilitate investigations and claims processing.

Another safety solution included in LoJack Connect helps with preventative maintenance by providing automated alarms, diagnoses of potential failures and reminders of maintenance deadlines or tire rotations. These features keep fleet vehicles in top condition, thus avoiding costly breakdowns and improving vehicle safety.

To combat vehicle thefts, Program Autonoleggio's rental fleet will be outfitted with LoJack Premium Touch that uses innovative MESH technology, which combines VHF and GPS/GSM technology for advanced asset location tracking. MESH technology also enables each equipped car to detect other stolen cars nearby. If there is an attempt to disable the LoJack solution, the driver will receive an alarm and can immediately alert the police. This technology, together with radio frequencies that overcome physical barriers and real-time support of the Security Operations Center, empowers faster and more effective theft detection and stolen vehicle recovery. With these capabilities, LoJack Italia has been able to collaborate with police forces across Italy to increase the percentage of recovered stolen vehicles to double the national average (i.e., approximately 40 percent in 2019).

LoJack Italia's telematic solutions will also provide additional connected intelligence for fleet management, including vehicle location, distance traveled, route history and fuel usage. Fleet managers can also set geofences to detect and receive alerts when a vehicle enters an area deemed to be high risk.

"The partnership that Program Autonoleggio is entering with LoJack Italia aims to help our fleet managers protect drivers with the maximum safety measures, and protect our vehicles through intelligent preventative maintenance," said Riccardo Pierinelli, manager, after-sales services, Program Autonoleggio.

"We have successfully collaborated with Program Autonoleggio for seven years now. Today, we embark on a new path that delivers the value of a connected fleet, where fleet managers can proactively and reactively respond to vehicle events, monitor their fleets in real-time, realize time and economic savings—all while prioritizing fleet safety," added Massimo Braga, deputy general manager of LoJack Italia.

About Program Autonoleggio
Program Autonoleggio is a dynamic Florentine company that has been operating in Italy in the long- and short-term rental sector for 30 years. Program is part of the group Salford Van Hire, a rental car market leader in the United Kingdom, with over 13,000 vehicles under management. A leader in Italian excellence, Program positions itself as a solutions company, not just services, able to provide flexible and innovative offerings aimed at professionals and companies of all sizes, both public and private. Learn more at

About LoJack Italia
LoJack Italia, a wholly-owned CalAmp subsidiary, is a market leader in stolen vehicle recovery and innovative automotive services in Italy and across the E.U., helping over 9 million people protect their assets and vehicles from theft. We have been active in Italy for 15 years and are undergoing a strong growth phase with more than 500,000 software and service subscribers achieved in the last 5 years. Today, LoJack Italia is leveraging CalAmp's telematics technology to create a new level of value for the automotive, insurance, and car rental markets and their end-customers through easily accessible, innovative connected vehicle solutions. For more information, visit or LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Top Recovery, YouTube, LoJack Blog.

About CalAmp
CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP) is a connected intelligence company that helps people and businesses work smarter. We partner with transportation and logistics, industrial equipment, government and automotive industries to deliver insights that enable businesses to make the right decisions. Our applications, platforms and smart devices allow them to track, monitor and recover their vital assets with real-time visibility that reduces costs, maximizes productivity and improves safety. Headquartered in Irvine, California, CalAmp has been publicly traded since 1983. We have 22 million products installed and over 1.3 million software and services subscribers worldwide. For more information, visit, or LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or CalAmp Blog.

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